Discipleship Training School

DTS 2019

Set sail on an adventure with God into greater intimacy, greater understanding of His character and ways and greater clarity on the plans and purposes He has for you.

This year we’re partnering with YWAM Next Wave and their Bluewater DTS starting April 8th 2019. They will be spending the first three weeks here in Croatia.

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Although we are not running the sailing DTS in Croatia this year, we are planning to run one again in 2020, so please check our website for updates or contact us for more information.

A DTS is a 5-month programme that is made up of young people (18+) from all over the world.  It consists of two parts; the lecture phase and the outreach phase.

The lecture phase

The lecture phase lasts for thrDTS2ee months, and includes teaching for 15 hours per week on a wide range of topics.  Some of these topics include… The Father Heart of God, Intimacy with God, Intercession, Worship, Spiritual Warfare, Relationships with God, Family & the Opposite Sex, Missions, Evangelism, Servanthood, Sin, Repentance, Restitution, The Character of God, Identity, and Biblical Worldview.

The lectures are given by a multinational group of teachers who mainly work with YWAM or in other local churches.  These teachers have years of experience both in ministry and in missions.

We will be land-based with regular sailing trips and sail training sessions, this way, we can have a greater influence in our local community.

The Outreach

DTS3Following the lecture phase, there will be a 9-week outreach, which will take place in another country and location.  The outreach locations will be decided during the lecture phase.

Why Sailing?

Sailing is a fantastic tool for discipleship and leadership development.  We want to emphasise that God is the focus for all that we do and sailing is just the tool.  Sailing creates a more intensive environment pushing us to go deeper, quicker, with each other and with God.
Someone once described it as a pressure cooker where issues can’t help but come to the surface and need to be dealt with quickly in order to keep moving.
DTS + Sailing can be awkward, uncomfortable and messy, but we believe it’s totally worth it.  Can you handle it?  The best bit is, we don’t require any previous sailing experience!

The Adriatic

DTS4The Adriatic is known for some of the best sailing in the world with Croatia alone having over 1000 Islands.  Croatia is part of the Balkans and former Yugoslavia, and is post communist. It is steeped in history and has a rich culture and heritage.  The recent war back in the 1990’s still leaves a heavy cloud over parts of this region. We believe God wants to do a new thing here in Croatia; building on strong Christian foundations laid hundreds of years ago.

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