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YWAM Kaštela team

As YWAM Croatia in Kaštela, our vision is ‘Blessed to be a Blessing’ as we believe God has blessed us with gifts and talents, relationships and resources, experience and wisdom but most of all, hope, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, so we can be a blessing to those around us and share His love with them.

We are a team from different countries who have a heart to see lives transformed and people discipled both from Croatia and those coming to join us for our Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) and outreaches. 

Our focus as a team is through the following ministries.

Family ministries – Croatia is such a relational culture and families are at the heart of every community, so family ministries is a key part of what we do. Our team runs a babies and toddlers singing club and get-together with mums, kids crafts at a local cafe, a teen club for local teenagers and a bible study group for some of the teens. We help run annual kids camps for locals and have events during these for families to come together. We hope to have family days and a family camp in the future.

Ships ministries – We own a 39ft sailing vessel which we have been using to run a sailing DTS, sailing outreaches to the islands, sail training and retreats. 

Training and discipleship – As well as the DTS, we also have been part of organising retreats and seminars for Croatians from different churches, for example, a seminar on a nearby island.

Partnering with local charities – We have volunteered with other charities doing work in our local community for example, practical work for a rehabilitation centre, and a support group helping those with disabilities. We also have a partnership with our local church and are involved with different church activities.

Although we are currently in one location, our heart is to see more teams started, being a blessing to the whole of Croatia.

The Story Of YWAM

From a late-night vision given to a 20-year-old in the Bahamas to a global ministry with over 18,000 workers, the growth of YWAM is the story of God’s inspiration, God’s grace for many mistakes, and the creativity of the Holy Spirit’s leading. The heart of YWAM – to worship God, to serve God’s global purposes, and to champion young people, remains as strong as it was in the beginning.

1956, One Vision

In Ju115-Loren-Cunninghamne of 1956, Loren Cunningham, a 20-year-old student from the United States, spent a part of his summer break in Nassau, Bahamas touring with a singing group. One night after a busy day, Loren had an unusual experience. “I lay down on the bed,” he recalled, “doubled the pillow under my head and opened my Bible, routinely asking God to speak into my mind. What happened next was far from routine. Suddenly, I was looking up at a map of the world. Only the map was alive, moving! I sat up. I shook my head, rubbed my eyes. It was a mental movie. I could see all the continents. Waves were crashing onto the shores. Each went onto a continent, then receded, then came up further until it covered the continent completely. I caught my breath. Then, as I watched, the scene changed. The waves became young people–kids my age and even younger–covering the continents. They were talking to people on the street corners and outside bars. They were going house to house. They were preaching. ‘Was that really you, Lord?’ I wondered, still staring at the wall, amazed. Young people–kids really–going out as missionaries! What an idea! And I thought ‘Why did God give me this vision?’”

1960, Youth With A Mission

In the summer of 1960, Loren graduated from college. With the vision still on his mind, Loren led a youth mission trip to Hawaii. While there, he developed more of the vision for a new organization. This ministry would send young people out after high school to gain a sense of purpose. It would welcome all Christians no matter what their denomination. He started that organization, Youth With A Mission, by the end of the year. Two years later, Loren married Darlene Scratch. Together, they are viewed as co-founders of YWAM today.
By 1966, YWAM had grown to 10 full-time staff and was attracting hundreds of summer short-term volunteers. YWAM teams were being sent to the West Indies, Samoa, Hawaii, Mexico, and Central America.

1969, The First Training Program

Twenty-one students gathered in Chateau-d’Oex, Switzerland in 1969 for YWAM’s first in-depth training program, the School of Evangelism.
In 1970, YWAM bought the hotel in which it held its first school, and made Lausanne, Switzerland YWAM’s first permanent location. The building offered classroom space and housing for YWAM students.


We still focus on youth, and we also involve people aged 8 to 80. We currently work in more than 1,100 locations in over 180 countries, with a staff of over 18,000.

One of the joys of participating in YWAM is to work with people from many nations. YWAM’s staff (known as “YWAMers”) come from over 130 countries, including places like Indonesia, Nepal, Mozambique, and Colombia.

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