Disciple Training School.

“To Know God And Make Him Known”
is the passion of YWAM’s Discipleship Training School.
A DTS is a 6-month programme that is made up of young people (18+) from all over the world. It consists of two parts; the lecture phase and the outreach phase. The lecture phase lasts for three months, and includes teaching for 15 hours per week on a wide range of topics. Following the lecture phase, there will be a 9-week outreach, which will take place in another country and location. The outreach locations will be decided during the lecture phase.

Why Sailing?

Sailing is a fantastic tool for discipleship and leadership development. We want to emphasise that God is the focus for all that we do and sailing is just the tool. Sailing creates a more intensive environment pushing us to go deeper, quicker, with each other and with God.
DTS + Sailing can be awkward, uncomfortable and messy, but we believe it’s totally worth it. Can you handle it? The best bit is, we don’t require any previous sailing experience!

Want to join us ?